We patticipated in China Refrigeration Exhibition

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The 26th China Refrigeration Exhibition was held in Shanghai from April 8th to 10th. As one of the largest professional exhibitions of its kind in the global refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating industry, it attracts many businesses and tourists every year. China Juliang Valve Industry is the largest valve manufacturer in China. In order to stand out at the exhibition, the company meticulously prepared the products to be displayed at the venue and appeared in front of the audience with a stunning booth image.

With its unique booth design, forward-looking products and excellent quality, we attracted many industry experts to stop and comment. Even foreign customers came to the booth for consultation for three days and placed orders at the exhibition. During the exhibition, it received thousands of visitors. It became one of the most bright and attractive star exhibition halls in this exhibition, leaving customers and industry colleagues. Impressed.

In order to build an automated and integrated production base, we invested more than 30 acres in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, with an actual plant area of 20,000 square meters. After it is put into use, it will have first-class production equipment and more in the domestic industry. Functional and intelligent valve inspection system and test center.

Based on the concept of "core technology, cutting-edge technology, creating the future", we lead technology, pursue excellence, work together to create a world-class control valve supplier, and make greater contributions to the continuous development of China's automation control industry.